Make Deposits Surge Without a Rate Hike

MANTL Growth Engine pairs real-time customer data with industry-leading marketing experts to attract high-value account holders at a lower cost.

Efficiently reach your ambitious deposit goals

Manage costs traditionally associated with deposit raising

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Rapidly respond to shifting market conditions


Veritex Community Bank raises $115M at 43 basis points per dollar

With MANTL Growth Engine, Veritex Community Bank exceeded deposit goals while reducing cost per acquisition (CPA).

  • Acquired over $115M in deposits in three months online
  • Reduced CPA to $250 in key markets
  • Average balances of $95,000 and growing
  • 63% of accounts were booked outside of the service radius of their branches
  • Within their existing footprint, 70% of applications led to successfully booked accounts

Key Features of MANTL Growth Engine

Data and Analytics Infrastructure Provided by MANTL

Marketing and Media Services Provided by Vetted Agency Partners

Reduce your CPA by up to 3x

With guidance on how to use our ‘spend’ efficiently in places other than expensive opportunities, like national rate aggregators, we could stay within our Texas market and avoid the complexities of a national offering. This supports our desire to minimize unnecessary risk in the channel as well.

Rudy Beeching, EVP, Managing Director of Retail and Business Banking ,

Are you a good fit for MANTL Growth Engine?

MANTL Growth Engine is an add-on product to the MANTL Deposit Origination suite and cannot be purchased independently. To qualify for the program, you must be willing to allocate a minimum monthly digital marketing budget of $40,000.