Grow your membership across channels

Serve new and existing members anywhere, anytime whether online, in-branch, or in a call-center with full service omnichannel account opening


Premium technology yields 
premium outcomes

The MANTL platform yields faster, more cost-effective growth than legacy solutions to help you raise core deposits far below the wholesale funding rate.


increase in application conversion

< 5

minutes to open accounts


applications processed without manual intervention

Seamless account opening and support across every channel


Transform branch operations with modern technology that maximizes the impact of your branch staff


Provide intuitive and seamless online account opening with realtime syncing to backoffice systems

Relationship Managers

Support remote team members or bankers in the field with efficient and modern technology

Call Centers

Enable call center staff to support, start, or complete applications over the phone

The easiest and most secure way to open an account online

Expand membership and refine member experience with frictionless technology that simplifies account opening

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Simple and accessible digital interface to optimize conversion

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Fully automated verification process for increased efficiency

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100% of applications funded at the time of booking

Tools to maximize efficiency while supporting members

Improve operational efficiency and enable employees to focus on member experience with intuitive technology

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Automated workflows to reduce manual task

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Email Handoff to streamline application review between member service team and member

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Intuitive member services experience to increase employee productivity and satisfaction

Nailing the wow factor

“MANTL offers a digital-first design with very sleek mobile capabilities. People can apply for an account in one sitting, on any device. It’s all part of a seamless onboarding journey.”

Sumeet Grover

Chief Digital & Marketing Officer

Alliant Credit Union

Configurable KYC

Accessible Data

Your Success

Automation to streamline account opening

Increase back-office efficiency and reduce manual tasks by maximizing automation, while minimizing fraud 

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Automated eligibility verification based on your unique members

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Configurable KYC waterfalls to decrease fraud and reduce manual reviews

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Native integrations with best-in-class data sources

Data to drive you forward

Make more informed and real-time business decisions with out-of-the-box reporting and analytics dashboards

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Measurable performance and ROI through dynamic reporting and analytics

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Simplified compliance and audit trails

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Flexible access to data including SFTP and direct query capabilities

Your success is our success

Achieve your business goals by choosing a technology partner that brings an innovative industry perspective, a consultative relationship, and ongoing team enablement

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Dedicated and collaborative implementation team to ensure a successful launch

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Online learning courses to enable employee education and adoption

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White glove account management team to ensure you achieve your goals

More features to power deposit growth and customer satisfaction

Unified Deposit Origination

Meet every customer’s needs with diverse product offerings from a single point of entry

Audit Trails

Monitor your compliance program and improve regulatory exam preparation

Robust Integrations

Integrate with external systems including AML, OMB, and DMS providers

Real-time Core Integration

Modernize operations with real-time two-way syncing with any core

Digital Branch Manager

Easily add new products and customize your digital branch with no code configuration

Automated Emails

Increase engagement and conversions with precisely timed communications

MANTL Growth Engine

MANTL Growth Engine pairs proprietary customer data and industry-leading marketing experts to effectively and efficiently achieve deposit goals at a lower cost.