Move from local to national, overnight

Attract nationwide deposits with a digital-only brand that enables you to expand your geographic footprint and break into new market segments.

Benefits of launching your digital brand with MANTL

  • Stand up additional front-ends in less than 6 months
  • Control rates and product types in real-time for each brand
  • Experiment with new technologies before bringing into your core brand
  • Achieve up to 5x the annual deposit volume over your legacy brand

Tap into niche markets

To consistently drive deposit and account growth, you need a multi-faceted customer acquisition strategy. MANTL supports the ability to quickly spin up digital brands that can be tailored to attract unique market segments – all built on your core banking system.

Top digital brands powered by MANTL

Launch a state-of-the-art digital branch in order to grow deposits and support continued growth.
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6 months to build and launch

with over 15 different integrations

$100M in core deposits raised

within 5 months of launching

$55,000 average initial funding

with a 48% average conversion rate on applications

“The launch of Rising Bank has resulted in the same deposit growth as building 10 new branches.”

Dale Oberkfell, Former President & CFO

Expand their digital capabilities to attract new customers to its retail offerings.
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76% of new deposit accounts

opened online were checking

60% of new online accounts

were successfully submitted

90% of account decisions

required no manual review

“MANTL helped us create a smooth, easy account opening process that only takes a few minutes. We’re already seeing significant improvements in completion rates.”

Patricia Tiffany, SVP, Director of Marketing