Raising $250M in core deposits in just 15 days

When Cross River Bank was founded in 2008, it made a commitment to stay ahead of the curve in technology, while remaining tied to its roots as a community bank. With a branch in Northern New Jersey as well as online offerings, Cross River works to incorporate cutting-edge technology into traditional banking services.

In Spring 2020, Cross River Bank became one of the leading Paycheck Protection Program loan providers for small businesses. At the same time, the community bank went live with MANTL’s online account opening platform and raised $250 million of deposits in just 15 days.

Cross River’s ability to execute both projects simultaneously is a testament to the bank’s ambitious spirit and its strategic investments in technology. This is how Cross River, backed by MANTL, seized the moment to maintain growth in the midst of uncertainty.

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“We now have this cutting edge, flexible tool that enables us to meet our business needs and expectations quickly and efficiently. It’s very much a platform that’s a lever for us to pull in order to drive other business initiatives.”

Jesse Honigberg, Technology Chief of Staff, Cross River