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Fighting back against fraud

Compared to building a brick-and-mortar branch, online account opening costs a fraction of the investment and can drive 10 times the results. Yet with every new avenue for account opening comes a new opportunity for fraud.

As you expand the digital capabilities of your financial institution (FI), it’s important to understand how fraud occurs on digital channels, and what you can do about it. The purpose of this white paper is to help you answer these essential questions:

  • Why is fraud escalating in financial services?
  • How effective is technology in combating fraud?
  • What are smaller FIs doing to successfully combat fraud?

By gaining a clearer understanding of the current state of fraud, you can find a balance between fraud prevention and customer experience. And with the right tools, your FI can limit the impact of fraud while still offering customers a straightforward path to join your community.

Download our white paper now to explore the next frontier in fraud prevention.