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What’s coming next in banking?

Read the trends that will impact the banking industry and how to prepare your institution.

With a rapidly evolving financial landscape, continued economic uncertainty, changing consumer preferences, and a race towards digitization, what can banks and credit unions expect in 2023?

Our latest Banking Predictions reveals which trends will have the biggest impact on the banking industry in the coming months, and outlines how FIs can position themselves for success this year.

The 2023 Banking Predictions provides a detailed outlook on the following:

  • Why FIs are moving towards “one digital front door” in 2023
  • The importance of being ready to win deposits and why the competition will heat up
  • Why digital-first doesn’t mean digital-only and the competitive advantage of branches
  • The reason banks and credit unions will shift their commercial banking model in 2023
  • Why the community FI-fintech relationship will grow

Download the article now to discover how your institution can prepare for one of the most challenging market environments in recent years.