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Speed, Simplicity, Security: 3 Fundamentals of a Digital-First Member Experience

or forward-thinking leaders at today’s credit unions, every decision is based on creating value for members. Modern members are looking for flexible, frictionless experiences that enable them to transact and interact with credit unions as quickly, simply, and securely as possible. In today’s digital-first landscape, it’s more important than ever to extend that curated experience to digital channels.

View this webcast to discover strategies for delivering a faster, simpler, more secure member experience. You will hear Sumeet Grover, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer of Alliant Credit Union, and Colleen Wilson of MANTL discuss how they partnered to create an automated omnichannel deposit origination solution built specifically for credit unions. You will also:

  • Learn to accelerate the origination process by using machine learning to collect and verify only the information needed to determine eligibility.
  • Discover best practices for increasing average initial funding with a secure, streamlined application workflow.
  • Understand the essential role of transformational tech partnerships in creating the best possible member experience.