What is MANTL?

MANTL builds tools to help banks and credit unions compete in today’s digital world. With our omnichannel account opening platform, your customers can open an account online or in-branch in minutes.

Transformative results like these

• 4x more submitted applications

• $5,000+ in initial funding

Real-time integration

• Seamless integration with all major core systems

• 100% automation with absolutely no batch processing

Easy implementation

• Quick and painless setup

• Launch digital account opening fast

The top choice for forward-thinking banks and credit unions

How a small NYC bank raises $5M in digital deposits each month

Seamless integrations with 30+ best-in-class providers

Core providers

API partners

Breakthrough technology for banks and credit unions

Real-time control over what matters

  • MANTL offers no-code, real-time bank configurability and compliance underwriting.
  • Instantly change risk thresholds, underwriting standards, product rates, and mix.
  • You own your data. Access comprehensive data and analytics at no additional cost.

Data-driven best practices at your fingertips

  • MANTL provides best practice documentation and consulting throughout your implementation period and beyond.
  • Get advice on how best to set up product mix, funding limits, compliance framework, and the MANTL platform.

The latest software version at all times

  • MANTL upgrades its software regularlyover 40 times a year.
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) ensures that your technology is always current.
  • Free updates ensure that you always have the latest and highest-performing version of MANTL’s software.