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The MANTL platform has wide-reaching benefits throughout your organization. Here’s how our platform benefits you and your team.

 MANTL’s consultative data-driven approach has allowed our risk and compliance teams to make smarter decisions.  

Marsha Benney, COO, Midwest BankCentre

Risk and fraud

Stellar fraud prevention

By aggregating over 30 data sources combined with MANTL's data-driven best practices, our platform allows customers to block increasingly sophisticated fraud attempts and reduce fraud by 67%.


Tools to improve compliance

MANTL’s tools collect, verify, and store information to meet CIP, CDD, and EDD requirements and make sure your bank is always in compliance with KYC, AML and BSA regulations.


Focus on the big stuff

MANTL’s customers automatically make KYC and risk decisions on 92% of cases, allowing their team to reduce time-consuming manual reviews and use their expertise on the things that matter.


Make data-driven decisions

MANTL’s real time reporting and A/B testing frameworks allow you to use all your data to make better decisions. MANTL’s customers update and improve their decision waterfalls weekly, constantly evolving with the risk and compliance environment.


Control your own destiny

With MANTL you can draft, test, edit and publish decision-making rules on hundreds of attributes to build the best possible compliance program for your bank, customized to your needs and on your terms.

Ready to take compliance to the next level?

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