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Dec 27, 2019

Delivering on our mission to help banks and credit unions thrive

Nathaniel Harley, CEO, MANTL

I co-founded MANTL in 2016 to help move US banking forward. In 2019, we more than doubled as a business across several measures. I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished alongside the financial institutions we serve, so I’d like to acknowledge some of the biggest steps we’ve taken together this year.

Over $1 billion of core deposits have been raised through the MANTL platform.

We’re driven by the idea of taking the friction out of banking. For the past few years, this has meant obsessing over the first step of a customer’s journey with any financial institution – account opening. Here’s where that led us.

MANTL customers have raised over $1 billion through the platform.

Our customers’ results are proof that it pays to do things differently. On average, they experience a 4x increase in net conversion on their online applications with a 67% drop in fraud. This means they get more out of every marketing dollar spent.

Our account opening platform is the fastest on the market.

We’re always working to make the account opening process even more efficient. On average, automatic decisioning occurs for 92% of applications on our platform, reducing the amount of manual review by compliance teams. Plugging directly into core banking systems also leads to bank customers receiving their account information within seconds of pressing submit. What that all adds up to is a market-leading time to open an account of 2 minutes and 37 seconds (and that’s the average - not some best case scenario).

We released the Digital Branch Editor to allow banks to quickly adapt to market changes.

We launched our “Digital Branch Editor” to make our platform more self-service. While “self-service” may sound scary, what it really means is empowering banks to move faster. Gone are the days of submitting a ticket just to change interest rates or marketing copy. Our no-code tool gives banks more in control. And of course, our team is always there to support however needed.

Name a core: we’ve integrated into it.

We expanded our core system coverage throughout the year. Whether a bank or credit union is built on FIS Horizon, Jack Henry Silverlake, Fiserv DNA, or any other major core banking system, we have the capability and precedent to plug and play.

Our team doubled in size

We believe in giving people a high amount of responsibility and autonomy to do their best work. As we continue to scale the team in 2020, we need passionate people to help us redefine how financial institutions serve their customers. If you’re excited by the idea of growing with us, check out our open roles here.

We added over 75 years of expertise to our board of directors

This year we raised funding that enabled us to grow our team and set about an ambitious product roadmap to serve banks in new ways. To help us on that journey, we expanded our board of directors to include two new members, Tripp Shriner and Rob Usdan, and one key advisor, Wayne Goldstein. Combined, they have over 75 years of experience advising regional and community banks and helping scale technology startups.

Tripp is a Partner at Point72 Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm behind prominent fintechs like Acorns. Rob and Wayne are Co-Presidents of The Endicott Group which has invested in more than 100 banks. They serve as board members of several including American Business Bank and Metropolitan Commercial Bank.

Welcome, Tripp, Rob, and Wayne to our team.

New products and services to come in 2020

2019 was a step change for MANTL. 2020 will bring even more improvements to our existing products, along with new services, new team members, and new partnerships. We couldn’t be more excited to continue this journey.

Interested in learning more about MANTL? Reach out for a demo.