Make Deposits Surge Without a Rate Hike

MANTL Growth Engine pairs real-time customer data with industry-leading marketing experts to attract high-value account holders at a lower cost.


automated application decisions


of accounts funded upon opening


reduction in application abandonment

Veritex Community Bank raises $115M at 43 basis points per dollar

With MANTL Growth Engine, Veritex Community Bank exceeded deposit goals while reducing cost per acquisition (CPA).

  • Acquired over $115M in deposits in three months via the digital channel
  • Reduced CPA by two to three times over the common rate-driven product marketing strategies, resulting in a $250 CPA in key markets
  • Average balances for digitally acquired customers of $95,000 and growing
  • 63% of accounts were booked outside of the service radius of their branches
  • Within their existing footprint, 70% of applications led to successfully booked accounts

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Key Features of MANTL Growth Engine

Data and Analytics Infrastructure Provided by MANTL

  • Customer Data Integration  (CDI): Access to secure, single-tenant, fully managed BigQuery database with real-time streaming data feed from origination activity on the MANTL platform.
  • Analytics Infrastructure: Strategy, setup, and implementation of end-to-end analytics that provides insights on media, website behaviors, and conversion.
  • Real-time Dashboard Analysis: Custom analysis dashboards allow stakeholders to see performance in real time and drill down on meaningful media, product, and acquisition cost insights.
  • Anonymization and PII Hashing: Datasets are normalized and formatted for consumption by common media platforms, and to facilitate safe, compliant data sharing with agency partners

Marketing and Media Services Provided by Vetted Agency Partners

  • CDI Activation: Connected media analytics and optimization cycles via Agency with expertise in financial services and within MANTL’s data structures.
  • Brand and Messaging Strategy: A proven brand-building process for organizations seeking to develop a new digital identity or improve a legacy brand’s performance in the digital channel.
  • Media Strategy and Planning: Local, regional, or national media programs that attract the right clients to digital channels and are specific to an institution’s goals.
  • Advertising Campaign Development: High-performing advertising campaigns connect to unique audiences, are thoroughly tested and optimized, and bring interested buyers back.
  • Funnel Performance Optimization: A thorough understanding of audience sources, pre-application experiences on websites, in-application pain points, and post-application relationship expansion.

With guidance on how to use our ‘spend’ efficiently in places other than expensive opportunities, like national rate aggregators, we could stay within our Texas market and avoid the complexities of a national offering. This supports our desire to minimize unnecessary risk in the channel as well.

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