Whats-the-ROI-of-Online-Account-Opening (2)

What’s the ROI of online account opening?

Online account opening (OAO) is a cost-effective way for banks and credit unions to build relationships with customers digitally. By making it effortless to apply for an account, your institution can ensure that a high proportion of those who start an application follow through.

High-performing OAO solutions have been shown to deliver a 20% (or greater) lift in new account sign-ups, with no additional marketing spend and net-new customers representing around 60% of sign-ups.

Unlike other banking software, OAO can change the math by:

  •     Expanding your institution’s reach
  •     Lowering the cost of deposits
  •     Reducing compliance overhead
  •     Minimizing fraud losses

Download our white paper and see how OAO helps community institutions leverage their personalized approach to onboard new customers.