The future-proof approach to rising interest rates

With interest rates rising and deposit priorities shifting, the outlook for banks and credit unions may seem unfavorable. It doesn’t help that large money-center banks and neobanks pose stiff competition, accelerating the consumer shift away from community financial institutions (FIs). We sat down with MANTL’s new Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) Mike Bosserman to talk about what you can do right now to future-proof your institution in the face of fierce competition. 

With the right investments in technology, community FIs can:

  • Build long-term resilience
  • Increase deposit growth
  • Pivot and adapt in response to dynamic macro environments

“With the right technology in place, you can regain a competitive advantage…You can turn the tap on during a liquidity crunch, then it back off when deposits become a lower priority. That kind of agility will be critical to future-proofing your institution.” —Mike Bosserman, MANTL CRO

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