How to optimize commercial account opening

40% of FIs rate their commercial account opening process as “somewhat or very poor.” Here’s how to fix it.

What’s inside

When we talk to our customers about commercial account opening, the same words come up again and again: it’s slow, complicated, and expensive.

So many potential bottlenecks. So many manual processes. So many opportunities for human error. With every complication and every delay, there’s a greater and greater chance of frustrating or alienating a potential customer.

So what’s the solution? How do you meet today’s commercial customers where and how they want to be met? We’ve come up with 4 guiding principles that inform our approach to commercial deposit origination.


“We’re partners on your journey. We believe that when financial institutions get access to the right tools, they’re able to produce superior outcomes. And MANTL is committed to helping them make that happen.

Nathaniel Harley

Co-Founder and CEO